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Res·o·lute: {Adjective}: Admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering


To be sound in one’s resolution is to be like a well rooted tree amidst a storm. Every year it seems as if we make New Year’s resolutions in an effort to affirm the changes in our selves which we deem most fit for progress in the year to come. Yet, more often then not, we find ourselves doubling back on our word to our default mode, and behave as if we forgot our resolution in the first place!

Though it is true that some behaviors are more challenging than others to break our selves of, but there are a some handy tips that can help you re-frame how you approach your New Year’s resolution, and succeed in accomplishing your goal of change (whether BIG or small ).

  1. Be clear on what you are after, and understand how far you wish to go with your definition of success.

    By having a clear and concise definition of your goal, and all the parts that exist within, you can better develop your approach to this challenge. Being specific with your intentions will give you a grounded sense of tangibility which you can systematically work towards. If you state your goal in terms of an amorphous generality the less likely you will be able establish actual benchmarks to incrementally work through.

  2. Be the architect of your own life

    With goal in mind start to think about what it will actually take within one’s daily life to accomplish your goal.Even though our intention may seem simple on the surface one still must ground it within the context of our day to day lives. There is nothing wrong with setting the bar high, but if one cannot realistically devote enough energy towards it each day, then perhaps you should re-frame what it is you intend to accomplish. What structure needs to be in place for you to accomplish your goal? Consider all elements of your day, and determine what your triggers are that lead you to the undesired behavior or desired behavior. Once you understand these you can insert new routines to help foster the new behavior. The truest thing divine is to know thyself, and once you develop an honest assessment of your day to day routine you can take whatever action needed to actualize your resolution in your life.

    3. When we fall off the horse what do we do?

    Be careful to be too harsh and critical when attempting to initiate formidable change. Recognize what could have been done in the moment that diverted you from your long term success, take action accordingly to get back on track, and above all be honest with yourself. The mind can rationalize and create any excuse to prevent you from accomplishing your goal. Create a mental game where you can positively distract yourself from engaging in the behavior or scenario that you wish avoid. Sometimes even getting your mind off of it for a minute or two can be enough to have the desire pass. Remember: Change is a marathon, and not a sprint. Taking small concrete steps allows the person to track their progress and keeps them from becoming overwhelmed with the idea of “how long” they think it should take.

    4. If I really want to I could…

Disengage from notions of what you “should” do. Self blame and excuse making doesn’t serve the long term process. Concentrate on your results, avoid delusional/wishful thinking, and recognize that the mind is far more tenacious than you may believe at first (you are just out of practice). On average it takes 21-30 days for action to become habit, and this begins one day at time. If 24hrs seems daunting to you then break it up into 1 hour chunks to navigate through.

So whatever your resolution is this year remember that with a little bit of planning, realistic expectations of whatever it is you are embarking on, and a whole lot of perseverance there is no reason why you can’t overcome your mental roadblock that prevent you from succeeding in your own life.

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