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 If you are looking for the best in both natural and medical pain-relief treatment in Buford, GA, you have come to the right place. At Optimum Health, we take a whole body approach to health care and use several disciplines to quickly and effectively treat pain. As our patient, you can be assured that you will receive the very best in medical pain relief, chiropractic care and physical therapy to allow you to achieve your healthcare goals. For a FREE CONSULTATION, call (678) 546-8044 today!

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Medical Weight-Loss

Medical Weight-loss in Buford GA.

If you’re like many people, one of your health goals may be to lose weight. While losing weight may seem like a simple concept, the truth is that a lot of factors–including your hormone levels, metabolism, and more–can have an impact on your efforts. At Complete Healthcare in Buford, our weight loss specialists recognize that no two people lose weight the same way, and will create a customized program to help you improve your health and obtain the body you’ve always wanted.

Nutritional counseling is a key component of our medical weight loss programs. To begin, you will meet with your nutrition coach to review your dietary habits and discuss your goals. Next, diagnostic testing may be conducted to look for any underlying conditions that may hinder your weight loss. When this is complete, your coach will recommend a program that will help you lose weight quickly and effectively. Some of our medical weight loss programs include: 

    • HCG diet
    • Lipotropic injections
    • Medifast

Exercise is also an important part of not only weight loss but your overall wellbeing. Our fitness experts will work with you to determine your baseline fitness level. Once this has been established, your expert will develop a personalized exercise regimen that takes into account your current physical condition to help you avoid the risk of injury.

Your coaching doesn’t end after your initial consultation. To ensure that you stay motivated throughout your program, your coach will regularly contact you to offer encouragement and give you advice on common problems. We also know that weight loss isn’t just about a diet that you stay on for a particular length of time–it’s a lifestyle change, and we treat it as such.

Don’t let past weight loss failures keep you from achieving your personal goals. Contact our Buford medical weight loss center today for a free consultation with one of our specialists.


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