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Care to share… perhaps you might… possibly consider donating a pint? Happy National Blood Donor Month!
January 1-31, 2013

Blood donor month is aimed as raising awareness and participation in assisting the healthcare systems in providing valuable blood to those in need. According to the Red Cross, “5 million American patients need blood every year, and each donation of a pint of blood can help save up to three patients’ lives.”
Many may be squeamish with idea, but recognizing the value of donating roughly 20 mins of your time (and some blood of course!) you could be unknowingly providing a life saving solution for a future person that you know in the case of an accident or operation! You will quickly replace the blood that you donated, and you shall be able to continue on with your life knowing that you were part of a small few who actually
donate (according to the Red Cross only 3 in 100 Americans donate blood!).


Step 1. Find a blood donation center near you by clicking here or here. If there isn’t a blood drive or donation center near you, volunteer to host one in your school,community, or faith centers.

  • Step 2. Hydrate. The more water you drink before your donation, the better you will feel during and after. Stocking up on iron-rich foods – like dark leafy greens and lean meats – will also increase your chances of being able to give blood.
  • Step 3. Once at the donation center, but before you give blood, you will meet with a nurse or health representative who will ask some basic medical questions and test your iron levels to make sure you’re in good shape to donate.
  • Step 4. Take a deep breath and smile, you’re about to do something great! The blood drive representative will give you something to squeeze (to increase blood flow to the arm), clean your arm thoroughly and begin. The blood donation itself lasts about 10 minutes and is completely safe and sterile.
  • Step 5. Chill and refresh. While your blood is processed and packaged to be readied for donation, you get to hang out and refresh yourself. The blood donation center typically provides juice, cookies and other snacks to help restore your blood sugar levels.
  • Step 6. You’re done! Just be sure to refrain from serious strenuous activity for the next 24 hours to let your blood levels return to normal.

It is that simple and you can have the confidence of knowingly that you actively aided in life saving medicine within our country. If you still find yourself nervous about the idea than BRING A FRIEND! If one friend doesn’t give you enough confidence….than by all means BRING FIVE FRIENDS…. whatever you need to get you to become and alumnus of the Blood Donors Club!

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