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Remove the ‘daze’ from your Holidays

During the Holiday season there are so many obligations and expectations that must be met on a wide variety of fronts that it often seems that we negate the true meaning of the season. From office parties, family commitments, finding that perfect gift, or trying to spend the first half of the New Year digging yourself out of holiday debt can seem like an insurmountable obstacles that seemingly cause the individual more stress than Holiday cheer. By taking a step back to reevaluate the important elements you wish to highlight in your life you can avoid unnecessary stress and position yourself to start off the new year on a perhaps much needed high note.

1. Less commercial and more heartfelt
-It seems as if every year the sales start earlier, Black Friday seems a bit darker, and more emphasis is placed on material things than the quality of time spent with one another. A homemade gift or family craft session can be a creative opportunity to both bond and also avoid the stress of holiday deal seeking, save your bank account from cataclysm, and help foster your creative side . It teaches to value the intention behind the gift rather than the material good itself, and isn’t this what the practice of gift giving is all about?

2. Give the gift of time well spent
-Far too often it seems as if we negate the value of time well spent during the holidays. Perhaps limit the amount of television time during your Holiday and replace it instead with activities that motivate one another to communicate and connect. Go for a walk, play a board game or cards, cook together, start a meaningful conversation, but most of all remember that you are together to engage and interact with one another.

3. Cramming yields chaos
– Do you find yourself overwhelmed with Holiday parties, obligation, events, and at the end of your rope? By evaluating and prioritizing your schedule you can maximize your time well spent with those that you wish to engage with. It can be understood that there exist certain, shall we say, social obligations that one must attend to from time, but what is essential is that these do not impede on your valued time with meaningful relations. Just because the opportunity presents itself does not mean that you have to be there, and it really is as simple as that. The season is a time for celebration and thanks (just in case you forgot).

4. Do the dollars make sense?
– Even though the newest and best material thing is available does not mean it is appropriate for you to drive yourself into insurmountable debt for the following year. Debt can lead to stress, anxiety, and other less than pleasant situations that can turn Holiday cheer into misery quite quickly. Establish a budget, be diligent and stick to it, and develop realistic approaches to gift giving to ensure a financially pleasant New Year.

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