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Doc, please, which mattress is best for my back?

Many Americans are plagued with back problems, in fact, 80% of us in our adult lifetime will at some point or another suffer it.  One of the causes can be where we lay our heads for rest and rejuvenation at night… the culprit? Our Mattresses!

Ergonomic principles or understanding how to lift and move our bodies correctly to avoid strain and injury plus a healthy diet all play an important role in our health, but there is one thing that nothing can take the place of: THE VALUE OF A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP.

People sleep in many different ways and complain of different symptoms; here are some of the most common we have seen come into our office:


•Arthritis and fibromyalgia: Patients who suffer from painful joints usually prefer cushioning that disperses their weight across the greatest body surface. These patients often have spinal complaints as well. The proper balance of cushioning and support requires a higher-end mattress.

•Upper back and neck pain: Upper back and neck pain usually goes with softer or plushier bedding. This allows the head and thoracic area to sink into the bed to support the cervical area. A pillow-top mattress may be a good recommendation. Several types of pillows may also provide extra support for the neck.

•Lower back pain: Most patients prefer beds that are more firm. This prevents the lower back from sinking too deep into the bed. Higher-end mattresses provide plenty of support along with comfortable padding, while lower-end models provide the firmness, but with less comfort.

•Side-lying sleepers: Plush mattresses provide the best way to maintain the natural shape of your body while sleeping. Plush bedding cradles the body and disperses the weight of the body across the maximum surface area.

•Stomach sleepers: Sleeping on your stomach on a soft bed can create stress on your spine. Your pelvis and belly compress the bedding as well. A firmer mattress is best in this situation.


A chiropractor and/or a pain management clinic like our office is able to help you:

A) Relieve the pain and incorporate a treatment plan to aid in your recovery and


B) Is the best resource you will find when looking for a proper mattress.

It is important to note that our office can help to narrow down the causes of back pain and find treatment modalities that will aid if not heal your injuries so that you are no longer compromising your life… if your problem goes beyond a mattress, we are a full service physical medicine and pain relief center.  We offer spinal decompression, massage therapy, physiotherapy and trigger point therapy. Call our office for a FREE CONSULTATION and let us help you have a good nights rest!

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